Welcome to the Town of Addison!

          Town of Addison
          127 First Street
           P.O. Box 481
           Allenton, WI  53002-0481
           262 629-5420

The Town of Addison is located on the west edge of Washington County, approximately 8 miles west of West Bend. Allenton is centrally located within the Town of Addison, and is served by the Allenton Sanitary District. Rural areas of the Town of Addison are largely agricultural, with residential areas scattered about.

Residents here enjoy a quiet rural atmosphere, along with close proximity to U.S. Highway 41 for quick and easy travel to the larger municipalities to the north and south.

The Allenton and St. Lawrence Volunteer Fire Departments provide fire protection and emergency services. Property owners in the Town of Addison are fortunate to have these groups of very dedicated and skilled people to protect us. They spend countless volunteer hours in training and preparation to make themselves available in time of need. Both fire departments host annual picnics to offset the cost of updating equipment and training.

Area youngsters can be part of a softball team organized by the Allenton Youth Organization. Softball for all ages, and adult kickball continue through the beginning of August for casual fun and a little competition with friends.

Allenton and the Town of Addison also have several community minded organizations that actively support and promote our area. The Allenton Area Advancement Association holds an annual Buffalo Feed that draws people from miles around for good food, fun and company. New in 2006 is a Farmer's Market, organized by the AAAA, held on Tuesday evenings at the corner of Main and Weis Streets. The Allenton Lion's Club holds an annual Car Show and Flea Market on the Fourth of July weekend, which also draws visitors from miles around. 

Come enjoy our hospitality next time you are in the area. See what we have to offer.

You have friends in Allenton! 

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